In the wake of Canada's decision to shamelessly imitate American foreign policy on Syria sanctions, I will post here what I said on PressTV, which is apparently as true about Canada as it is of the United States:

"It's absolutely astounding the United States would support those ['rebel'] groups. If the American public knew that those groups fighting the Syrian government, and I refer in particular to Fateh al-Sham, were actually in fact a re-branded al-Qaeda in Syria, namely people who voluntarily associated themselves with the terrorist organization that blew up the World Trade Centre in 2001, they'd be appalled and American foreign policy would fall apart as a result. The American media refusing to draw the links between al-Qaeda and Fateh al-Sham or al-Nusra or whatever they rebrand themselves as is absolutely shameful."

So my segment on the news is my blog post for this week, I'm afraid. I had to complete a mountain of grading at my day job (law professor) this week.



04/25/2017 11:28am

This blog is of dubious academic value at best. For accurate and useful insights into the Trump administration, see Eric Posner's blog:

Ryan Alford
04/27/2017 2:13pm

Michael, what do you mean by "dubious academic value?" Do you mean that it is not of value to academics, or rather that it is not based upon rigorous scholarship?

If the former is your personal opinion, that's fine. As for the second, well, your ipse dixit isn't enough. Where am I wrong? My disagreement with prominent neoconservative legal scholars doesn't establish that in and of itself, surely?

Are you an expert in this field? I am not sure about how you are establishing your claim to authority here.

05/02/2017 6:52pm

How do you establish yours -- you're the one holding yourself out as an expert in this subject? You appear to teach at a university that I've never even heard of, and in another jurisdiction at that. I'm sorry, but I think I'll stick with a noted professor from a noted law school rather than someone with qualifications as nebulous as yours.

04/26/2017 1:56am

News like this is making me sad. After all that happened in Syria, many are still losing the faith in humanity. They shouldn't be saying those words. This is the perfect time to unite and extend our helping hands to those who need it the most. Innocent Syrians do not deserve the life they are experiencing right now. How I wish this is a better place for all of us.

04/27/2017 1:11pm

Hi Eric! (Be careful with that joke, folks, it's an antique).

"[T]the U.S. seems far from a system of competitive authoritarianism in the Latin American style." Oh really? Two competing family dynasties don't strike you as as reminiscent of a Banana Republic? Will you change your mind when Chelsea Clinton runs for office?

05/02/2017 6:57pm

Patrick, when even engage with this blogger? I mean, I suppose it's a satisfactory blog, as far as it goes, but it's certainly not exceptional. It hardly merits reading, let alone commenting on.


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